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BioEnergetic Scanning will test your brain wave and neurological misbalance (some clients can't qualify for this testing - A pacemaker, or some chip such for Diabetes for monitoring glucose) .
This consultation is for 45 minutes, taking the Intake form, going over concerns, your nutrition, medicine that each client takes.
Comprehensive TEST is a combination of MSA, EDS, bio-energetic testing and bio-feedback all in one.
The software allows to evaluation client’s parameters of energetic health, and organs' health with 50 preloaded tests using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes.
Assessment can Analyze the following:
* Neurological health
*Metabolic functionality
*Digestive health and optimal balance
*Toxicity and range
*Vaccination injury with limitations
* Radioactive element exposure
* Parasites
* Heavy Metal toxicity
* Cellular health and more
...and more

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